Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a day in the life of a mom with a 2 year old.

Thank GOD my son was at his grandma's today. I could not have handled both of them! Here's how my day was:

ALL DAY LONG it was one mess after another with my 2 year old daughter. I'm cleaning up the milk and wet cereal she spilled at breakfast, she's in the bathroom sticking her head under the faucet. I'm wiping up the water that is now all over the bathroom, she's in the kitchen filling a toy purse with dry rice, which she then carries into the living room and spills ALL over the carpet. I'm sweeping up that mess and she's taking all the clothes out of her drawers. I'm putting the clothes back in the drawers and she's into the cereal, because apparently she didn't eat enough before she spilled. I'm sweeping the floor yet again, and she gets her second shirt all wet because she's trying to have a tea party with real water (from the faucet, she can reach now, at least it wasn't the toilet water again.) so there goes another shirt (second one already). Finding her another shirt and my son Brendan yells "um, mom, meghan's in the sink!" At least she was naked this time, so no clothes got wet. She was trying to give herself a bath in the bathroom sink. Get them out the door to drop off the boy, go out to lunch, put her down for nap as soon as we get home. Of course, she wakes up from nap, poops in her pullup then reaches in to check. Somehow smears it all over her teapot and her bed before deciding to let me know she's awake. Bath, 3rd shirt, throw sheets in washer, call for reinforcements (I have no idea what I would ever do if hubby didn't work from home!!) to help with the mess. Snack time, sippy cup this time so she doesn't spill. I'm putting her dishes away and she takes out a bunch of DVD's. I'm putting those away and she runs into my bathroom where she tries to drink toothpaste. Lock her out of my room, go to get myself a drink and she pulls my socks that I was knitting off the needles. After dinner (where she spilled a half a bowl of egg drop soup all over her placemat. Which is why I put the placemat down in the first place, easier to hose off than the table, but it still got all over her shirt and pants. I've lost track at this point of how many outfits she's gone thru.) I decided I was going to go outside and shovel some dirt into my garden. Had the big box to fill, and lets face it, I'd rather get muddy and sweaty and do massive amounts of manual labor than deal with another Meghan mess. I got out just in time too, a few minutes later she managed to spill an entire gallon pitcher full of orange crystal light on the floor. It was about 2/3-3/4 full. hubby said it took 4 towels. It was one of those days where I was VERY VERY HAPPY when I got to say "time for Meghan to go Nigh-night!!"

So yeah, I'm tired. Couldn't focus on ANYTHING. Tried to knit a bit tonight, managed to get the socks back on the needles but somehow added about 6 stitches in one row, so it is a short row bump but it is on the sole of the sock so I don't care. I'm just mentally exausted. Hopefully I'll be able to knit more tomorrow. then again, both kids are home tomorrow. I hope I get enough sleep tonight to recover enough for it.

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Suna said...

What a BUSY girl. Keep in mind her brain cells are growing rapidly,and at least some of them will grow into cells that help her have fun without spilling or smearing. :-)

Really, though, my best to you.