Friday, December 12, 2008

patterns for my knit food

I've had a few people ask me for the patterns for my knit food, so here it is. Not sure how much I will get typed up tonight, but the rest will follow soon I promise!

*note* these were adaptations from patterns I found online, I modified them for various reasons so as a. not to violate any copyrights and b. to fit the sizes I wanted, as well as making any changes I wanted to, like making the filling easier to fit in the sandwiches, adding crust, knitting the strawberry flat etc.

OK, here is the pattern for the cookies:

Basic pattern (used for the chocolate chip cookies, the bottoms of the frosted cookies, and both halves of the fudge striped cookies).

I'm not great at crochet patterns so bear with me.

Materials--I used various worsted weight acrylic cheap yarn. I Love This Yarn is a good one, Caron Simply Soft is another. Cotton seemed a bit harder to work with so I avoided it.

Crochet hook, I used a size F/6 but that may vary on how tight you crochet. You want a nice tight fabric so that they hold their shape.

Start a circle the way you normally do, I know everyone does them differently. I did a loose slip knot, ch2, then sc 6 in the slipknot. Join together with a slip stitch, ch1, then do 2 sc in every stitch for the round. I use a safety pin style stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round. Round 2, ch 1, *sc in first stitch, 2 sc in second stitch * repeat from * around. Next round, ch 1, *sc in first 2 sts, 2 sc in 3rd st.* repeat from *. This is where I stopped, but you can make them bigger by continuing this pattern, just adding one more sc stitch each round. Fasten off and weave in end. I left the ends VERY long so I could use them for seaming later. Clear as mud? Like I said, I'm not really a crocheter so it is hard for me to explain what I did but if you're confused feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help you.

Chocolate chip cookie: make 2 rounds exactly the same out of cookie dough colored yarn. Add chocolate chips by making french knots on the right side of the cookie, leaving the strands between knots on the back. Do this to both sides then oversew the edges together, with the wrong sides facing eachother.

fudge striped cookie--make one round in cookie dough color, one in a dark brown chocolate color. Use the tail from the cookie dough color to sew them together but leave the brown tail on the outside. Make backstitch lines across the cookie with the fudge color, keeping the ends of the yarn between the cookies and not all the way thru to the fudge.

frosted cookie: make the normal cookie, then make another in the frosting color with one less round so it is a little smaller. I used a yarn with sequins in it, but I did NOT like working with that yarn as the sequins kept getting stuck and made it difficult to make even stitches, especially for a novice crocheter like me. you can also sew beads on for the sprinkles after the frosting is made, or do french knots like on the chocolate chip cookie. Sew the frosting onto the cookie using the tail from the frosting.

OK, hope that is clear, if not please let me know.

I will post more later, it is getting late and this pregnant momma is TIRED. Oh, baby did not show us anything at the last sonogram, but we have one on Tuesday and I'm optimistic that we'll find out if it is a boy or girl then. I will be 19 weeks, and since it is a longer, more detailed sonogram than the last one hopefully we'll see something. I may drink something sugary and caffinated beforehand to make sure the baby is awake and moving. :-) So far though I feel great!

Happy knitting (or crocheting!)

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