Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dumb dog!

We have a golden retriever named Rosie (she is in a photo on one of my sock tutorials, I think the last one). Last night my hubby went to let her out at about midnight just before we went to bed. Well, he comes back in a minute later cussing and swearing. Dumb dog had found herself a skunk. Yep, she got sprayed. He tried to tell her "leave it!" but of course she didn't listen. So we're out there after midnight, all the lights on in the back of the house and blinds open so we have a little light out back 'cause it is pitch black out in our neighborhood. DH has his pellet gun loaded to put the thing out of its misery if needed but of course it is too dark to find the thing. We bathed the dog down with some diluted tomato soup (the only tomato thing we had!) and some dish soap. Bathed her three times, then brought her in and stuck her in the laundry room because she still smelled. By the time we took showers and cleaned up some of the mess from bathing her it was 1 am. Not that big of a deal, we stay up late, but I would have rather spent the time doing something else! (get your mind out of the gutter, I meant knitting!!! LOL) She still stunk this morning so we were going to go to petsmart and get some de-skunking stuff but a friend reccomended the mythbusters method of peroxide baking soda and soap. We just finished that whole process, took over an hour to bathe her twice with that and twice with dh's shampoo/conditioner. Then had to walk her so she'd dry, then brush her 'cause she was shedding all over the place. YUCK. She does smell better now though. A little skunky around the face still but overall MUCH better. Oh, we did find the skunk. It didn't suffer, lets just put it that way. Dh removed the thing and threw it into the empty field beside us.

I hope to knit at some point today! The Llympics on my online knitting group started on Friday and I'm making some progress. I finished the 7th panel on my dd's blanket and got the 3 finished panels I had (including that one) crocheted on. I'm goign to do 2 more and see how that looks, that will give me 3 panels of each. I may have to do one more but we'll see. Then I started a wrap for mom that is looking really good, chunky weight suri alpaca from knitpicks, size 13 needles and a simple but elegant feather and fan lace. I have about 10" done. I also have a bunch of kool-aid and 3 skeins of yarn, so I hope to get those dyed and dried soon, if I can distract hubby for a few. He really doesn't like the idea of more koolaid dyeing in the kitchen @@. Maybe I'll just do the koolaid outside and nuke it in the fridge in here, or I can just do it when he has that business dinner tomorrow night :-) hee hee hee. He seems to think I'm gonna paint the kitchen with the stuff! Pthttthhhh he's no fun.

I'll post pics of my projects soon!

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