Sunday, August 17, 2008

photos of my current projects

OK, here's some photos of what I've been working on.

Mom's wrap. It is much longer now, it is about 2/3 done. It will look better when it is blocked too. It is just a simple feather and fan lace with knit picks suri dream in the tiramisu colorway. VERY soft and should be nice and warm even though it is light weight. Mom likes it. :-) I do have a pattern for a cabled wrap I may try to do for Christmas, we'll see.

A friend's friend has a preemie so my friend asked if I could make her some hats to give to her friend. One I did the same as my pattern, same colors even, one was my favorite pattern (I saw it on knitty gritty) and then the flower one was my design and I loved it. Kinda patterned it after a daisy hat I did last year, but made it much smaller and did the brim differently and did different colored flowers. I love how it turned out!

my daughter's bedspread in progress. Now that it is mostly done, I wish I had made the panels longer but there's no going back now. Oh well. It can be like a duvet cover :-) I can't really add fringe or anything b/c it will hide the scalloped edge. Other than that, I like how it turned out. Very girly and cute. Still need 2 or 3 panels yet, but I'm working on mom's wrap--I want to finish at least ONE project during the LSSK Olympics!

My friend Dawn also talked me into joining the mystery stole 4 KAL. I have the laceweight yarn from last year that I had planned to use for the SOTS 2 and after 3 clues I realized I wasn't thrilled with the pattern and if I was going to make something for myself with that georgeous yarn (knit picks alpaca cloud in the mist heather colorway, a georgeous light colored lavender) I wanted it to be a pattern I loved. This one is beaded which is what Iwanted. If I end up not liking this one I have a back-up pattern that also involves beads. But since Dawn and Wiebke and Therese and probably a lot of other people I know are doing the KAL, I might as well join too so if I run into problems someone will maybe know how to help! :-)

I also ordered the booklets "pocket pals" and OMG they are the cutest things in the world. I've made a few, one I did on size 2s instead of 1s and didn't like it, so I will stick with the 1s. But wow they are cute. I'm going to make some for the bazaar, and I have all that knit picks pallette sampler yarn plus tons of leftover sock yarn so I should be good to go! :-)

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to leave comments, I notice a lot of people are reading but I have no idea (other than a few people) who! So say hi! :-) Hugs


Suna said...

I am leaving a comment. Hello. I am doing this because no one left a comment on my blog in over two weeks until a member of my own household did. I know people are reading, but it is nice to get a cheery hi from a reader.

The hats are cute!! I owe you money.

Bev said...

Those littl hats are so cute! Is the flower one that you can share the pattern? The blanket for DD is really pretty too! Awesome work!

Savvy Enid said...

Jen that is had been quite about those the EA for your I need to work on mine!