Monday, August 4, 2008

Monkey socks done!

It really is a shame that it is 104 degrees here, because I LOVE these socks. They're alpaca though, so they are really really warm, too warm to even wear in the house right now. Oh well. I will probably wear them on Wednesday night though, I want to show them off to my pals at Bluebonnet.

I did the k2tog bind off, where you k2 tog, put the stitch back on the left needle, k2 tog, and keep doing that. I used a size 4 needle for bind off (socks were knit on a 2) and it is nice and stretchy. Looks pretty too, and it was an easy bind off to do. Very quick. Much faster than the sewn bind off. prettier too I think. The yarn is knitpicks imagination in the wicked witch colorway, but I think it should have been called enchanted forrest. either way though, it is beautiful.

Next up, well, I don't really know. I'm going to start a different wrap for my mom on Friday, but I can't start until then because it is a project for my Lonestar State knitters olympics. Can't cast on until after the olympics begin :-) But that's OK, for now I pulled out my dd's afghan and did a few rows on that (it is the envelope afghan) and I think I'm going to start a shawl for my hubby's grandma who is coming to visit soon. She's a knitter too, so I know she appreciates knitted stuff. I made her a shawl when I first started knitting but I think I can do a much better one now. My wrist is feeling better, I've been taking it easy, wearing my brace and stopping when it hurts. I've been able to knit more each day without it hurting so that is good.

Here's some pics from the last few days of the kids being cute. Hubby is really into guitar and sat morning he was playing and the kids decided to join him. Too cute!

My son drives his sister all over the yard most evenings, for at least 20-30 min. She tries to drive too but she can barely reach the petal which means a lot of stopping and starting plus she can't steer very well.

This will be my garden. We're going to add 2 long boxes (these are 4'x4', we're adding two 4'x8' boxes) off the boxes at the top of the photo. They're going to be for the vine plants like pumpkin and zucchini etc.

these are the seeds. Some are doing pretty well but I've had a few die in the last week because of the heat. I'm going to wait until it cools off a bit before replanting. I have squash, rutabega, broccoli, several herbs, tomatoes, green beans, pumpkins, cucumbers, raddishes, all kinds of stuff. I've always wanted a garden, and I finally have room for one which thrills me. :-)

This is our buddy Snape the Snake. He visited the other day and I let my dd look at him (we didn't get close, don't worry) and she was amazed. She thought he was really neat. He came back yesterday so we went out to show him to our son, but the snake was a bit grumpy (tried to snap at hubby, who was too far away) so we went back in and left him alone. He's a yellow bellied tree snake (I think that's what we found online) and isn't poisionous but I'm sure his bite would still hurt so we aren't going to take chances. He's cute though, I don't mind him visiting occassionally as long as the kids don't get too close. I think he was just looking for some shade.

Daughter is waking up, gotta go. Happy knitting!

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Suna said...

Wow, what a pretty snake. I am glad the kids get to learn about it--what a good lesson in coexistence, and that you can enjoy something while being cautious.

Socks look good, and I am glad you like the bind-off. That's my fave.

And just WAIT until the kids can play guitar, too! I have so much fun listening to Lee and my younger son play together. Real happiness.