Monday, December 15, 2008

Pattern for sandwiches

Hope you enjoyed the pattern for the cookies, here's the pattern for the sandwiches.

Materials: size 6 US straight needles, size 6/F crochet hook, worsted weight yarn in desired colors.

I used a mix of red heart I Love This Yarn and Caron Simply Soft. Good, cheap acrylic yarns are perfect for these projects.

For the bread, use desired color (I used white) and cast on 14 sts. Work in garter stitch (knit every row) until it is a square, I fold up the bottom corner diagonally up to the needle to see if it is even. You could also do the more logical thing and use a tape measure, but, well, I didn't think of that until I was done LOL. Once square, cast off and leave the tail very long for seaming.

For the filling: (cheese, turkey/ham/beef, peanut butter and jelly, or whatever you like on your sandwich). Start with slip knot. Next row, inc one by knitting into the front and back. Knit into the front and back of the first stitch on each row (increasing by one stitch each row) until you have 15 stitches. Bind off. Make however many fillings you want, I did one turkey and one cheese for the one sandwich, and one Peanut butter and a jelly for the other variety.

You can also crochet circles (just like for the cookies) for tomatoes, cucumbers (doing the outer round in a darker green for the skin), or whatever else you like on your sandwiches. I did one tomato and stuck it out the middle, you could do 2 and put them on either side. Whatever works for you.

Now, take the fillings and if you want you can use the tails to baste them together in the middle or along the back edge, since that will all be hidden inside the sandwich. Weave the ends and trim, then put them inside the bread so that the bread folds into a triangle around the fillings, with the tail end at one side of the fold (so you can baste around the outer edge without having to cut the yarn and start on the other side). Base by sewing thru the top edge to the bottom edge and back to the top, basically a running stitch or a backstitch, keeping the stitches behind the edge of the fillings so you can't see them. Once done, weave in bread tail and trim. Attatch crust color (for the peanut butter sandwich I picked a brown that was different than the filling) with a crochet hook and single crochet around the outer edge of the bread, avoiding the fold line. Weave in end and trim. DONE!

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