Monday, August 24, 2009

finally some pics :-)

Today was a big day. My oldest started Kindergarten. I managed to put on a brave face for him, but started bawling as soon as I got back to the car LOL.

This is me and my son just before leaving for school. :*-(

These are his first-day-of-school socks. made out of Pagewood Farms Chugiak. I forget the colorway, but they matched his shirt wonderfully!

This is my new Yarn Caddy 3000. Thank you to John Francis for the inspiration (no, I'm not giving you royalties, but I will happily give you the credit LOL).

I got the plaque at Hobby Lobby and the cheapy wooden TP holder at Lowes. Painted and stamped it myself to make it pretty :-) Totally loved this project, and it works great!

This yarn (more pagewood farms!) is becoming a shawl. The "Go Fly a Kite" shawl from Ravelry to be exact. I'm adding beads too, silver ones. So far it is turning out very nice if I do say so myself. Hopefully I get it finished before I lose interest. That is my knitting-when-I-can-concentrate project, since it involves beads and lace and charts. Not a project to do around kids. I'm hoping that since both girls still nap, I'll have some free time during the day when my son is in school. I also dug out the spiderman blanket, at his request, because he needs a blanket for school rest time. Of course by the time I finish that blanket, school may be over for the year! Ha ha not really, but it will take me FOREVER. I'm hoping to maybe have it done by his birthday in a month. Then I started a pair of socks for my easy, portable project. I'm using Flat Feet, a birthday gift from my friend Dawn. I think they are going to end up having a lovely tye dye effect to them. I'm going to do a very simple lace pattern on them Wendy Johnson's Waterfal Socks.
Well, off to go out to lunch with my hubby and our girls. Hopefully will get some knitting time in this afternoon.