Friday, October 2, 2009

finished projects!!

Just a quick post tonight b/c my alarm is going off in 6 hours and I'm not in bed yet--yeah, that's gonna be a problem in the morning! Ugh. Oh well. I would have been in bed sooner, but. . . .

TA-DA!! It is finished. . . almost. I still need to weave in like a million ends and and then do the webby black stripes on the outside, but it is sooooo close to being finished, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It MIGHT actually be finished in time! WOOHOOO!! He's gonna love it. He's seen the picture on the pattern, and he saw me working on it, but he has no idea that it is this close to being done. I'm hoping to give it to him at his birthday party (he just turned 6! My baby!) on Sunday.

This is my other finished project, a chevron scarf for my 3 year old. She wants to wear it now, even though it is still 80 outside. LOL. This was my car knitting, super simple. I'm working on one for me now, in different colors (U of M sock yarn! GO BLUE!!).
I feel so good about finally getting something [almost] finished! Now I have a couple of projects for a group on ravelry that I'm in, then I'm going to start some socks for myself to celebrate.
YAY. Ok, gotta go to bed or I'm gonna sleep thru my alarm . . .