Sunday, September 7, 2008

to block or not to block, that is the question.

I was beginning to think I lost my knitting mojo. Last week everything I was knitting just wasn't turning out how I wanted. Gauge, size, overall pattern, just not going well. For example:

Some socks I was working on. My own pattern, I was hoping to enter them in the LSSK design contest. Yeah, not going to happen. I'm not much of a designer, can you tell? First of all, they were going a lot slower than I had hoped. Plus the foot was smaller than I wanted, which of course I didn't realize until halfway thru, and since I had already frogged them once for being too big I decided to just deal with it and add a few stitiches near the ankle. Well, then I did one heel, thinking I had enough length but apparently not.

They were supposed to have a chevron type pattern, but even that wasn't coming out well. I'm just gonna frog them. Forget it.

So I put down all the projects that were troubling me, put them in time out to give myself a break, and worked on my husband's grandma's shawl

Tonight I was planning on doing one more pattern repeat, which meant 30 more rows (SIGH), but decided it was big enough, so I only did the last 10 rows and bound off.

Luckily it is a mohair blend, and blocks much bigger.

Nana is considerably smaller than me too, she's a very tiny person.

Before blocking. Note the yard stick to compare.

After blocking. MUCH better. I even got to FINALLY use my blocking wires, that I got a year ago and haven't completed a project to use them on since then. I think it will fit her fine. It is the luna moth shawl from Done in patons brilliant something from michaels. Very shiny sparkly stuff. A little hard to work with b/c it is so fuzzy, a little hard to see the stitches but I took my time and it came out fine. I'm glad I didn't do one more repeat, nana is only here for a month after all. :-)

My son starts soccer tomorrow, I need to find an easy take along project that doesn't require a lot of thought. I have my special olympics scarf, I'll probably bring that. Have to bring the big balls of yarn for it, but I guess I can take a big beach bag instead of my purse. :-)

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Suna said...

I've made up a couple of socks with chevron patterns in them and found they do tend to really tighten up your knitting (a month or two I made some blue socks that barely went over my heels, you may recall--chevrons). So, next time you try one, either have something increase-y to complement the big chevron, or put more stitches on than you normally would. If you look on my Ravelry list for the School Colors socks from last year some time, you will see another example.