Friday, August 1, 2008

knit picks

I just placed an order with knitpicks ( I LOVE THEM! Their yarns are all very good quality, beautiful colors, and best of all they are CHEAP! I ordered some more sock yarn, of course, allthough they were out of all the ones I REALLY wanted and won't have any more until September, ugh. But I found some good ones I think. One was a verigated essential yarn in pinks and purples (of course) and one was their kettle dyed yarns, that I have seen in person when my friend Dawn bought them and they're georgeous, slightly verigated even though it is a solid color which really adds to it. (BTW I'd like to say Hi to Dawn's mom, Judy! Thanks for reading! And please don't call Dawn at midnight to make sure I'm OK! Hee hee hee.) Anyway, I ordered a really pretty, are you ready, are you sitting, no it isn't purple, GREEN. Kinda had to, it was one of the only colors they had left LOL. But it is really pretty, and I think it will match my purse. No, I don't go for subtle. My purse is a lime green faux crocodile skin ha ha ha. (Target, on clearance! Woohoo!!!) Anywhoo, I also ordered some suri dream alpaca for moms stole in the tiramisu color. Hopefully it will be super warm but much lighter than the chenille, and since it is super bulky weight it should knit up quickly. I hope. I wanted to get the needle binder but they were out until the end of the month (Why does everyone else buy what I want to buy?!?!) so I ordered the blank pages and since Target has all the school supplies out I will hopefully be able to find one that fits the pages there. Maybe I can find a purple one ;-)

I've been resting my wrist a lot and wearing my brace and it seems to be helping. I knit a few rounds on my socks on Wednesday night but as soon as it started to hurt I stopped. I hadn't knit in 2 whole days before that! Or a day and a half. Something like that. Felt like forever! Anyway, I got a couple rounds done yesterday morning but got sidetracked by the AC repair guy, (had to balance the AC so the kids rooms weren't freezers and our room wasn't an oven!) Then I worked on them last night and got like 5 rounds done without hurting, which was much better than it had been. I did stop there though, I was at the end of the repeat and didn't want to tempt fate. I'm hoping to get one repeat (11 rounds) done each day so I can get them finished before the LSSK olympics. I'm on the leg now so it shouldn't need more than 7 more repeats, less if I get impatient and decide to make them shorter ha ha ha.

Well, gotta go, monkeys are trying to escape. Daddy is going out to mow the lawn and they're trying to follow, even though they are still in jammies. Guess I should get them dressed and take them outside.

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