Thursday, January 31, 2008


It is finished. All finished. All the knit food is DONE! I made it all for a few friends of mine that thought it would make great play food for their kids. I'm going to make some more for my kids, but not right now, I'm kinda knit food-ed out. anyway, here is the completed stuff:

Watermelon, my own design. I might post the pattern for free if anyone is interested. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT if you want it posted. Thanks :-)

Strawberries, although the flash was too bright and they don't look as good as they do in real life.

fruits and veggies. I put them in my fruit basket to keep them out of reach of my kids, and I really like how it looks. When I get around to working on more knit food I will make a bunch for my fruit basket as well as some for my kids.

sushi! Minus the wasabi, it was a choking hazard and they all have little ones the same age as my kids.

pizza pizza pizza.
In looking at them together, I think I may have used 2 different sized needles. I know the smaller one was on size 5s, I must have used 6's for the larger one. Same pattern, just different sizes. They both came out looking yummy though. I crocheted and embroidered the toppings instead of knitting them, I found it easier.

Now that the food is DONE, I'm going to work on some "selfish" knitting--knitting just for me! Although I do want to make a monogram pillow for some friends of ours, but that is not a big deal. :-) besides, I have to have at least 34 projects going at once, right?

This is the vest I am working on. Simply Soft in the heather grey color. The photo below I did without flash so you could see the pattern better. Once it is 16 inches I will separate the front and back to do the armholes and neckline etc. Right now I think its about 6-7 inches so I have a ways to go. It is a good mindless project, just the one cable section. 6 row repeat, 3 of the rows have the cable action. I should start taking this in the car, maybe put the pattern on a post it to put on the dashboard! the rest is a k2/p2 checkerboard in a 3 row repeat. k2/p2 for 3 rounds, then p2/k2 for 3 rounds. Almost makes me think of medeval chain mail or something.

And my latest socks. Finished up the top part tonight, ready to start the heel flap. This yarn I got at the barnes and nobles knitting night I go to sometimes, one of the gals had a friend who had an online yarn shoppe that was going out of business. It is a hand dyed machine washable yarn, I've had it for months and the label is long gone so I can't remember what is in it, but I think it is some sort of cotton blend. I love the subtle color changes that happen in hand dyeing.
close up of the pattern, a mock rib. I can't wait until they are done, I love wearing my green socks that I made and am excited to have another pair made by ME! Plus once the orange ones are off the needles I can start either my pink beaded pair or my purple lace pair. Decisions, decisions, decisions. . .

thanks for reading!! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or, well, comments! :-)

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Laura Neal said...

awesome food! I just found your blog. Nice sweaters. I don't knit sweaters, I can't stand sleeves. I knit socks, when I have the time. Next thing on the needles for me are socks for the DH!