Friday, January 11, 2008

decorating your home in knitting?

We signed on a contract today to build a new home. This will be our home for many years, God willing. I'm freaking tired of moving!! It has an island with space for barstools, a breakfast nook and a formal dining room. There's only 4 of us and we dont entertain that often, but I want the dining room to look nice. I love how in the model they have fake food on the table, so it looks like it is set. of course that got my creative brain thinking. hmmmmm, what can I make?

Then the lightbulb (allbeit a dull one) flashed above my head. KNIT FOOD! Duh, I'm already doing that, right? But seriously. I'm thinking set the table with plates and silverwear like they do in the models, then knit, say, pie. Since I have munchkins loose in the house (who are currently playing with bubble wrap and laughing hysterically) I want to attatch the food to plates so they don't run off with it constantly, and just get spare plates that we won't use for dinner. So I'm thinking, get some white plates cheap at Target or something, knit some great pie, (• ° ° • Piece o' Cherry Pie knitting pattern see I'm not crazy!) then use some shiny puffy paint in a chocolate or cherry color so it matches and "drizzle" it over the pie and the plate so that it looks like real syrup and holds the pie to the plate. It will certainly be a conversation piece! Plus by decorating the table we're less likely to just dump stuff on it when we come in. :-) I'm also thinking of filling our fruit basket with knit fruits. instead of the junk that is currently residing in it.

Have any of you knit items for decorating your homes? Pillows, cushions, whatever? This house also has a window seat, a long one, so I will probably knit some pillows for that. I'm not going to knit the cushion itself, I'm not a sucker for punishment, but I may make matching cushions for the chairs. The window seat is in the breakfast nook. hmmmm. Oh the possibilities!! I think I saw a pattern once for a knit lace curtain. That would look good in my daughter's room.

So tell me what you've knit for your home? I want my home to say "a talented, kwirky knitter lives here" but not too loudly LOL.

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