Friday, January 25, 2008

do not knit lace while watching new episodes of Chuck!

FINALLY some new TV. Ugh. I support the writers, really I do, and I think they deserve their cut of the profits but I'm so tired of reruns and retarted reality shows. (WOW that's a mouthfull!) I mean, seriously, hooking someone up to a lie detector and asking them in front of their spouse and the nation if they'd cheat on their wife if there was no chance of being caught? Who thinks this crap up?? Anyway, there were some new episodes of Chuck on tonight. I guess ones they had stored away for a rainy day or a writers strike or something. The second clue for Secret of the Stole ii comes out tomorrow which meant to be eligible for the prize drawing you had to have photos of your completed first clue uploaded to the yahoo group tonight. I was fevereshly trying to finish the last 10 rows while watching Chuck. BAD IDEA. Intricate lace, tiny size 2 needles, pattern that requires a lot of attention, yeah. LOTS of tinking tonight! (to tink: to reverse knitting stitch by stitch until you find where you goofed up). UGh. I think I got 2 lace rows done. This is a project for when I am concentrating on nothing but my knitting.

Still OTN: knit food---UGH. I gotta get this done!!! I have 1.5 pieces of sushi left then all I have left to do is 8 pieces of pizza for one of my friends. Not hard, not too time consuming but I'm getting tired of knitting food LOL. I'm ready to move on. I just need to buck up and freaking finish it already! I've told myself I couldn't start another big project until it is done!! No new socks (not counting the orange ones OTN now), no really elegant looking sweater from most recent magazine purchase (well, I have to order the yarn anyway. . . ) and no starting dd's bedspread (she's going to be in the crib for months yet but I still want to start it!). I have issues, can you tell? I think it is knitting ADD. I have to have multiple projects going so when I get bored I can move to something else. for example, I made a Barbie dress today. Another cute pattern from my knitting magazine althought I changed it quite a bit (made it longer, made it sleeveless, used different needles, made it a v-neck with a ribbed neckline instead of crew neck, etc.) so I will probably post my version when I take a photo of it. I needed something different, kwim? Something that was a quick knit. Of course, I also needed a Barbie doll. My dd is only 21 months old so she didn't have any yet. She got her first one today :-) I'm not going to mention that the only reason she got it was so I could perfect my Barbie dress LOL. By the time she's old enough to really get into Barbies, maybe I'll have a whole slew of clothes for her! I had a lot of handmade Barbie clothes when I was little and I loved them! I should ask Mom who made them. I also picked up another size 2 addi lace turbo needle, since mine are attatched to socks right now and my Boye interchangables just weren't working for the stole--the join was bigger than the needle which made sliding stitches very difficult. I love my knit store. So friendly and inviting, they know me, they ask what I'm working on, how projects are coming etc. I want to work there LOL. They get to sit and knit in between customers. I told Scott when the kids go to school full time I want to work at my LYS part time :-)

my orange socks are coming along nicely, they're really cute. Mock eyelet cable, 5 rows, multiple of 4 sts. Round 1 k2 p2 around. round 2 k1, yo, k1, p2. round 3 and 4 is k3 p2. round 4 k3, lift first k st over last 2, p2. Looks really cute! I'm about 2 repeats away from starting the heel flap. I'm converting the pattern from a dpn to a 2 circ pattern so hopefully I don't screw it up, but it looks pretty easy.

Well, its late and my son has preschool in the morning. That is, if it isn't a cold day. I don't call them snow days, half an inch does not qualify as snow. These Texans don't know what snow is! (I grew up in Michigan where you didn't get a snow day unless there was over 8 inches!). The temps are supposed to dip below freezing toinight and its been raining for days, so we'll see. If he does have school I'm hoping I can get Scott to take him so I don't have to drive in it :-)

Happy knitting!

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