Saturday, January 5, 2008


ITS FINISHED!! ITS FINISHED!!!!! Mom's shawl is FINALLY DONE! WOW what an ordeal it was too LOL. After I frogged the diamond pattern one like 4 times I told myself it was too complicated of a pattern for a mother of 2 little ones to work on during the day and chose a more simple, yet still beautiful pattern. (I think it is called SImple Triangle shawl on Lion Brand's website). It is BLOCKED, ends are WOVEN, and it is READY TO WEAR!!! Happy dance happy dance happy dance. MOM STOP READING NOW, I'm gonna show photos and your birthday isn't until Tuesday.

Here it is finished and blocked and ready to go!

a close up, the bind off was a crochet bind off that led to this beautiful scalloped edge.

These are the georgeous yarns I got in AZ

My stash closet. I need more space, probably should clear out the boxes in the back (especially since we haven't unpacked those since we moved in 6 months ago!)

my finished scarf, although I don't like how it is stretching as I wear it, I may pick up the sts on the side or frog the bind off and add more width to it.

the rest of the yarn from the scarf, I still have quite a bit left. Each yarn does approx 2 rows on the scarf, and there are at least 5 yarns left. maybe more. GEORGEOUS yarn, but then again it was expensive. Looks pretty though!

Now I need to finish all the knit food for my friends, probably will make some at the same time for my kids since Santa brought them a pretend kitchen for Christmas. knit food won't bounce off their heads (or mine!) when they throw it like the plastic stuff does LOL.

happy knitting!


Panhandle Jane said...

The shawl is lovely. I know she'll love it. The stash closet is disgustingly neat! said...

ha ha I don't want anyone to think I'm always that neat! I had just spent over an hour cleaning it out and re-organizing when I took that photo! :-) Next time it gets messy I'll make sure to take a photo. I'm guessing it will happen soon! ha ha ha

Michelle said...

Well said.