Sunday, January 20, 2008

doin' the happy sock dance!

I finished my second pair of socks tonight. I must say they are 1000X better than my first pair! For one, they actually fit LOL. They're not wonky (I just love that word!) and there are no holes or ladders in them! They were done on #5 needles with cascade 220 worsted weight. Not my favorite color, they're a dark green which doesn't match anything I own but it was stash yarn so I'm happy. They are great house socks. I did knit them a little too tight, the gauge was off from the swatch (OK, I admit I didn't swatch before I started but I did a small swatch after they were halfway done to see how it compared) but I pulled too tightly after the beginning of each needle I think. I don't care though because they fit! Here's a couple photos, sorry they're such low quality but the camera was dead so had to use hubbys cell phone.

See! they fit!!!! Yayyyyy!!

already have plans for 3 more pairs LOL. A beaded one in a light pink, a lacy one in a lilac, and I fund some hand dyed orange that I got a while ago so I may do some cabled socks with that. I kinda want to try another lace pattern with it but it is more advanced so I may not. I'll probably start with the orange socks because the pink and purple are on order arriving sometime later this week and I can't possibly wait that long to cast on something else LOL.

Almost done with all the knit food. Still have half the pizza and some of the sushi to do but that's all. All the fruits and veggies are done and half the pizza is done and sewn together and everything. I put it all in my fruit basket for now to keep it away from the kids before I mail it, and it looks cute there. I'm going to have to knit some for myself as decoration. :-)


Birdwell said...

Very very nice Jennifer! They look fantastic! Were the cuff down or toe up? I gauge swatch with the first few inches of the sock...LOL. 'Course I do all mine toe up. said...

they were cuff down, from the book "knitting circles around socks". My wonky ones were toe up.

Journi said...

These are really cute - I would really like to try the pattern. Did you purchase it or was it a freebee - I love the size 5's and cascade 220 combination - warm cozy socks!!!!!!!!