Friday, April 4, 2008

Still here!

Sorry it has been so long! I've been busy. Busy knitting, busy being a mom, and most of all, busy rearranging my knitting stuff. It had been stuffed into a closet in various rubbermaid containers and hanging mesh shelves and cloth baskets and shoeboxes and plastic bags and loose on the floor. . . well, you get the picture.

We have a cubby room off our kitchen/breakfast area, that we used to call the mail room. When we first moved in my dh used it for his office but he wanted something with a door so he took over the dining room. It's been nothing but a junk collecting room since then so I decided to move my stuff in.

for stash control I thought about getting baskets to put on the shelves, but even with the 40% off sale at Michaels (still going on BTW, thru Sunday, if you are in need of baskets) I couldn't find ones I liked in the size I needed and in the price I was willing to spend. I checked Target for rubbermaids and found these on sale for $1 each! WOOHOOO! Since I was thinking I was going to have to spend $3 or $4 each minimum, and I needed like 12, I was thrilled to find them that cheap.

one side has cubbards below the counter, the other side is a foot space. You can see one of my new totes, it is the pink and grey one. Very nice tote, very reasonably priced, and all proceeds go toward charity. They had them in the Stitches From The Heart newsletter last time. I'm not sure if they are listed on the website or not, but if you're looking for a tote bag please check them out. :-) several styles and colors!

my other new tote. This one is smaller and is perfect for taking to Chicks with Sticks. :-)

OK, on to actual knitting. What have I been working on? Well, actually not too much. I've only worked on a couple things this week!! I have a preemie blanket to finish, I started the twin sized afghan for my dd (the envelope afghan sideways, strips in pastel colors of simply soft and crocheted together with Knit Picks Twist in Cotton Candy. ) I have 1 strip done and one about a third of the way done.

I also was in the mood for a really quick project one day so I made this. No real purpose, just I saw it on someones blog and thought "I have that pattern and have been meaning to make it for a while. . .

I got this Cascade Fixation a few weeks ago and had a pattern in mind but wasn't looking forward to the gusset (I hate picking up all those stitches!) then my friend Dawn emailed me a lace sock pattern that was perfect, toe up and short row heels. Of course I had to start them that day LOL. They are moving really fast too, I'm done with the heels and ready to start the leg. That will have to wait until tomorrow though, as it is now 1:15 am. :-) My LYS was having a final 4 sale when I went there for Chicks with Sticks, and I can never resist a sale, so I got more Fixation (LOVE LOVE LOVE this yarn!) in a green striped colorway (I think I'm going to make these same socks for my mom in the green) and some solid navy blue for socks for my hubby.

close up of the lace, still can't see it well in the photo but trust me, its' there. These socks are SO me!! Very purple. :-) Soft and comfy too, I can't wait until they are finished so I can wear them!!!

Ok, off to bed I must go. Good night!!

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