Thursday, April 24, 2008


I'm leaving tomorrow for a girls' weekend away with a bunch of my online knitting friends. We all belong to the yahoo group Lonestar State Knitters. (If you're a woman and you live in Texas, check us out!) and 40+ of us are heading to some cabins in the country to knit, eat, laugh, chat, and relax. It is called WHIBSIB, and it took me a while to finally give in and ask what that meant, since no one else spoke up first. :-) (This is my first year on the group). It stands for What Happens In Buda Stays In Buda. Which is kinda funny since we're not going to Buda, but when it began (this is the 4th annual meeting) it was in Buda and the name stuck. Anyway, I'm SOOOOOO excited!!! I already packed wayyyyyyyyy more knitting than I could ever possibly do, especially since a lot of the time I'm going to be chatting, but I wanted to have a variety. I have the sweater I need to finish but stalled on the sleeve, the vest I started forever ago, 2 pairs of socks (might add a third if I don't finish them tonight), meghan's blanket and her pillow, and some blanket squares for the ladies in our group that are expecting or have grandchildren on the way. Our group members do blanket squares if they are willing and able, and once we get 24 squares they get sent to the mom/grandma for assembly. :-)

I can't wait!! Some of my local friends are going, and a lot of friends I've chatted with but never met. My friend Dawn was supposed to go and was going to ride with me but unfortunately she is in the hospital with pnemonia :-( I'm really bummed she couldn't go, and I know she is too. GET WELL SOON, DAWN! I called her cell today and her hubby answered, said they were thinking of keeping her in the hospital a couple more days. Poor thing!

Well, off to finish packing. Will post pics and stuff when I get back on Sunday. Please say a prayer for Dawn, and for my poor hubby who will be stuck with the 2 munchkins all weekend long. :-) Of course, he will probably spend a lot of time with his parents. . . .

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