Saturday, April 12, 2008

what I'm knitting and planning to knit

Here are my finished socks. Not a great photo but it is hard to take a photo of your own feet :-) I call them my happy socks because looking at them makes me happy. They're comfy too! I have more of this yarn in a green colorway for socks for my mom but my Knitpicks Harmony size 4 tip broke :-( I was very bummed. Their customer service is great though, I called and they sent a new tip out right away for free. They also must be getting faster with their shipping or else I just got lucky because I placed an order with them and it shipped out within 24 hours!! Yayyyy! I should have it in plenty of time for my knitting retreat. My friend Dawn was also placing an order with them and offered to add mine to hers if I wasn't going to order $50 worth (you get free shipping for orders over $50) which was very sweet of her. Unfortunately I don't think I've EVER been able to find less than $50 worth of stuff I want from them :-D I love knitpicks. Their yarn is great, very affordable, and their accessories are top notch. OMG their needles are to die for.
OK so what I'm knitting. Well, I had a hard time deciding what to start next because there are so many things I want to do. :-) so I started a bag that will be felted, and then I'm going to try my hand at needle felting on it with a needle felting tool that jumped into my online cart when I was placing my knitpicks order ::::::sheepish grin::::::::: should be cute, I'll post pics. Then my page-a-day calendar had a cute kercheif on it today that is lace, and I have tons and tons and tons and tons of lace yarn that I could use. I think it will be good to wear while I'm driving with the top down to keep my hair out of my face. It is really pretty too, and it looks a bit challenging which I like. I need a challenge. I'm also finishing a castle purse for my daughter for her birthday and plan to add finger puppets to it as well, it is from a cute pattern in a kids' pattern book, sorry can't think of the name right now.
Knitpicks also had some really georgeous looking yarn, it was silk and baby alpaca dk weight. I really wanted to try it but didn't have a pattern in mind so I was a good girl and didn't buy it. However, I AM going to search for a pattern for it :-) I'm thinking some sort of sleeveless top for myself. That will look nice.
once I get my knitpicks stuff I also have several socks planned. I ordered more sock yarn of course, I wanted to try their felicity self striping yarn. The colorway I really wanted, aurora, was out of stock I guess b/c it wasn't listed on their site anymore but I got a few other ones that were nice. Blue for dh, pinky/purple for me and an earthtone one, maybe for my dad. Socks are fun!! I also ordered some size 3 circs b/c it occured to me that it was the one size I didn't have in fixed or harmonies. Only in my Boye needles. I got the metal ones, when the sizes get that small I feel safer with metal b/c I dont' want them to snap. like my poor size 4 :-(
for my knitting retreat I'm going to work on finishing my dd's blanket, a vest I've been working on forever and truthfully haven't touched in a while and socks. Should keep me busy for the weekend!! :-)
Happy knitting, I'm off to bed.

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