Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's my birthday and I'll knit if I want to

(knit if I want to, knit if I want to. You would knit too. . . ) OK, do you have the song stuck in your head yet? LOL.

Today is my birthday. I'm officially 29. For real. I'm not pretending to be 29 when I'm really older. However, I have decided that I am STAYING 29. I will still celebrate my birthday because, hey, I love presents and cake, but I am not going to get older. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. . .

Anyway, I'm hoping for some knitting time today in between feeding the baby and doing laundry and (hopefully) getting a shower in some time. I finished a blanket square last night at my knitting group, which sadly took me 3 days to complete. I used to be able to finish them in an hour or two. Oh well. After it was finished I began knitting a hanging towel for my kitchen. Very simple projects. I'd like to say I'm doing simple projects because I'm going back to my beginner knitter roots and re-learning techniques to improve my knitting skills or some crap like that, but I'm not. I would LOVE to start the Aeolian (sp?) shawl that everyone at my LYS is doing, but I know I'd screw it up somehow or lose track of where I was because a kid would take the post it note, or else it would take me 8 months to finish and I'd get bored and forget it. So for now I will recognize my own limitations and knit simple items that can be finished in a reasonable amount of time, thus giving me some satisfaction. And hey, simple can still be cute and functional!

I've also been strangely monogomous to my knitting, which is rare for me. Usually I have 8 projects going at once and about 10 more on my list of "next in knitting!" but lately I've been focusing on one thing at a time, maybe 2 at most. I kind of like it, I get things done quicker than I would if I were knitting multiple things at once, but it still seems weird to me. After I finish the kitchen towel I'm planning on dedicating myself to my tunic.

Well, off to browse the web a bit more then hopefully knit.

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