Sunday, July 19, 2009

aliens are multiplying!

Remember how I said that I was having knitting mojo problems because of the heat? Well, I found a few projects that I could knit that didn't make me thing of winter weather. First, I started a lace bookmark. However, I didn't get very far on it because a friend passed along this pattern Wow, these are cute. I thought "hey, I could make one for each of the older kids, they'd like them." Well, "two" has turned into "five" with no end in sight. At first my son didn't want one, and my daughter said she wanted a blue one. Made the blue one. Then she said she wanted a green one too. OK, no prob. Then my husband wanted a green one too. OK, sure. Then my son decided to join the craze and wanted an orange one. Lucky these things are quick to make. Then I made myself a purple one. Now my daughter is requesting a red one and the boy wants a multi-colored one. They take about 20 min to knit up and about 10 to complete (seaming, stuffing, adding eyes and mouth.) but they sure are cute! Hopefully I will finish them soon so I can start on other stuff. I do have a wintery project planned, but I think it will be easier to get into than other cold-weather things right now because it is for Christmas--I'm going to knit stockings for my family. Simple ones made out of Lion brand Homespun, red for the girls and green for the boys. The cuffs are all going to be white and will have everyone's name embroidered on them (probably in intarsia, actually) in the opposite color. Will be cute, I think.

Ok, off to knit some more little aliens!

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Suna said...

I could see why the whole family would want one! So cute!