Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stitches From The Heart--Texas rep!

I got the quarterly newsletter from Stitches from the Heart last week. First thing I noticed were the really cute bags they had for sale in the back, and after filling out my order form for 2 of them (hey, it goes toward charity! :-D) I noticed something else. A list of regional representatives. I read thru it and saw that there was no rep for Texas listed. I thought about it for a couple of days then emailed Kathy at SFTH about what is involved in being a rep. She said that reps go around to local yarn stores, knitting groups and retirement communities to try to get more people involved in knitting or crocheting items for preemies, and they also collect the items and ship them to SFTH. She said she'd send me several booklets to give out if I'd like to be their Texas rep, and I said I'd love to. So, I'm now the Texas rep for Stitches from the Heart! :-D I'm going to talk to the owner of my LYS (I'm planning to go to a couple of other ones in the area too) and see if I can put up a sign or collection box or something. There's a couple of retirement communities nearby too that I will talk to.

So, if you want to donate preemie items (hats, blankets, sweaters, booties, etc) please let me know! All items are welcome and appreciated! Don't worry if you're just a beginner and the stitches aren't even or you make a mistake--the items will still be appreciated.

My daughter still uses the blankets she recieved in the NICU. As a matter of fact, she's got one in her crib right now. She will be 2 next month (GASP! Where has the time gone?!?!). I've also got a dear friend who lost her son, and she still has the crocheted gown he recieved in the NICU (it was the only thing that would fit him!). She said that she takes it out occasionally and even though it has been a few years, it still smells like him. While my heart breaks for her, I am glad to know that items like the ones we make and donate bring so much comfort to families struggling thru the hardships of a premature birth, whether the baby thrives or sadly doesn't make it.

Preemie items take little time to make and are great projects for the small amounts of yarn you have leftover on a skein. They're great take-along projects for car trips or soccer games too. and if your children have long outgrown the baby stage, but you have a pattern you really want to make because it is too cute not to, then consider making it for Stitches From The Heart. :-)

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