Monday, March 10, 2008

FO's and new friend

OK finally remembered to charge the batteries on the camera. When I downloaded the photos I realized why the batteries had run down--there were 41 photos of my stamp room from an angle about 3 feet off the ground, close ups of my 4 year old's face and feet, and lots of out of focus potos of Lord only knows what. I'm assuming the cuprit forgot to turn the camera off when he was done! :-) Ahhhhh, kids.
Anyway, here's some photos of my recent finished projects and works in progress as well as photos of our latest addition. Enjoy!
preemie blankets, the only thing I really know how to do with crochet. Its a simple pattern I adapted, it was with a size 35 hook and 3 strands, I used a 10.5 and one strand.

Egg people. Hee hee hee. My Dad just rolled his eyes at me when I gave him one. Maybe because of the theme of it--I did the base in black with a white square in the middle and said it was Fr. Egghead. My Dad is a Catholic Deacon. LOL.

more knit food, for another friend of mine. Sandwiches and cake. Hee hee hee. When I showed these to my parents, my Dad thought I had lost my mind!! :-D

A dress I made for Meg when she was like 7 or 8 mos old. The reason this photo is here is you will see her wearing it in some of the following photos. It is too small now, but she found it today and wanted to wear it so I put it on over her tshirt. It looks like a longish tank top now. :-)

my sweater, hard to tell b/c it is so bunched on the needles, but I am on the last color section before I bind off, then I will just have to pick up and knit the sleeves. :-) I hope it fits, I can't try it on really b/c of the needles.

A little chickie that somehow made his way up to my mantle. ;-)

our newest addition, meet Fuzz Wuzz. (the 4 year old named him!) an Easter present from my parents to my kids-at least they asked first! :-)

meeting Fuzz Wuzz. My daughter is wearing the dress from above.

me and my new snuggly bunny.

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