Wednesday, December 5, 2007

photos of the bazaar etc.

OK, here's some photos in no particular order, mainly b/c I can't figure out how to rearrange them :-)

The first one is of my table of knits at the bazaar

here are the scarves I made on a rack my MIL loaned me (she suggested it too, worked great!) I didn't make very many scarves b/c lets face it, we live in Texas!!
close up of some knit stuff, I'm surprised the purses and the stuff in the basket didn't sell. I did sell the purple purse with the flower. and a cupcake.
this is the vest I'm working on for myself. In between the two yellow stitch markers is the cabled area, kind of a herringbone style cable. The rest of the body after the ribbing is worked in a k2/p2 checkerboard pattern (3 rows each).
This is the vest in the book. Can't think of the name of the book right now, I think it is hip little knits or something. Its downstairs and I'm not :-)
photo of our stamp table, the notebooks and the big reindeer poop.
another view, we had a corner and then my kit table at the end of the other table, and we were STILL cramming everything in!
punch critters (got the idea from and tag nugget holders, as well as the "christmas fudge" made from large hershey bars with a cute poem. These things sold quite well.

small reindeer poop, snowman poop, reindeer food and wisks we filled with chocolates and added a tag that said "we wisk you a merry christmas". These all sold quite well also, they were inexpensive, cute items.
I've been working on crochet cookies today (sc circles that are about 2.5 inches wide and then you do dark brown french knots for chocolate chips.) for a friend, got almost a dozen made up. Also working on the vest, I really need to remember to WRITE DOWN WHERE I AM IN THE PATTERN WHEN I QUIT! LOL. I *think* I was finished with row 3 of the pattern repeat. . . .

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