Tuesday, December 4, 2007


The bazaar was last weekend. We did OK, mom and I had a stamp table that did pretty well although not as well as last year. My knit table, eh, not so much. I sold $152 worth of stuff but the table was $75 so I didn't make very much. After you count the yarn I bought I'm well into the hole but like I told my husband, I would have bought the yarn anyway so I don't really count that. yeah, I'm not much of a business person can you tell? :-) I probably won't do a knit table next year, may not do any table depending on my mom's health but we'll see how the year goes and if she gets a transplant or not. Please say some prayers that she does!

Anyway, The stuff I figured would sell like crazy didn't sell at ALL. The mini stockings and the greensleeves (coffee cozys) especially. I sold a couple scarves, an evening wrap, several baby hats and a baby layette set, as well as a purse or two. Did not sell any blankets, I figured those would go but they didn't. Luckily they were baby size so I'm not out a ton of money or time. Still have a baby bolero with matching blanket and a baby boy hat, bootie and washcloth set that I thought would sell and didn't, and of course I have NO use for them. I do know a few people who are pregnant, maybe they will be getting these :-) I also have a couple just blankets, one is a slightly bigger one that is blue and I may save that for my son for the car. The other is pink and green and purple and blue and yellow, and although it is a bit small I may use it for my daughter in the car as well. Can't give one of them something if you don't give one to the other as well!

now I'm working on knit food for some online friends although I am missing one of my size 7 bamboo needles that I need to finish this project, of course. I have some aluminum ones but theyr'e really long and dinged up pretty badly, or I could use my circular needles. I guess if worse came to worse I could use my dpns. I'm making them pizza, sushi, cookies, strawberries and various fruits and veggies. LOTS of knitting. I'm also trying to finish my mom's shawl (only a few more rows left on the body then I can start the edging!) and of course I have startitis so I started a vest for myself out of simply soft in a pretty grey color, my first knit wearable (other than scarves etc) for myself. It even has a cabled front and I'm switching the pattern to knitting in the round until the armhole. Pictures to come soon, I promise! Oh, and I'm working on a hat for myself. I must be nuts. I did get my knit picks harmony options needles this week, yayyyyy!! GEORGEOUS needles, they're multicolored wood, and soooo much nicer than my boyle (sp?) needles. The cables are more flexible, the needles seem longer, and the joins are so much smoother! I love love love them!

I finally found a project to work on in the car for our long trip. I wanted something that was easy and no complicated patterns in case the kids started getting rowdy and I had to put down the knitting mid-row. I also wanted a semi-big project so I would only be working on one or two things on the trip instead of having to plan multiple projects, but I was hesitant to do something too big b/c I didn't want anything long enough to drag on the floor of the car where it would get dirty. Then I foudn this: http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/khs-winterNightAfghan.html. PERFECT! It is made of 35 little squares, all the same just put in different directions, and all garter stitch so it is easy mindless knitting. I'm switching it up a bit, I'm using simply soft b/c I found the colors I wanted in that plus I was worried the homespun would be too heavy. I'll have to swatch several times to get it right but that's OK. The other great thing about simply soft (my favorite yarn BTW) is that it is no dye lot so if I run out of yarn and have to stop somewhere in AZ or something, I can make sure it matches. Homespun doesn't have that. I may also take along the sweater I was making for Meg (I have the back done) in case I need a change of pace, but we'll see.

And on top of all this I want to get some x-mas cards out. I may cheat, not go all out and buy cards (GASP! The stampin' police would have my head!!) but I might stamp the image I have in black on white cardstock, mat it in green, mount on red, then let my son color it with crayons. That way he gets to help with the cards and I get to actually finish them in time ha h aha. But we'll see!

OK, off to knit some more and watch Reaper!

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