Friday, December 14, 2007

finished x-mas gift/the doomed shawl

Ok. first off, let me preface this by saying "Mom, if you're reading this, stop reading NOW and wait until after we exchange gifts. :-)"

OK, if you're NOT my mom, scroll down for the rest of the post:

OK, at the bazaar mom was admiring one of my little purses, but she said "if you made me one I'd want it bigger, and lined." easy enough to do. I enlarged it, used a different color, lined it, (using my new sewing machine that I had to get b/c my old, tired one crapped out on me mid-project. Luckily they had a good one on sale at Target.) added a strap and voila. I was quite pleased with how it turned out, especially after the shawl fiasco. I was amazed that even though my sewing skills are somewhat lacking, I was able to make it even and the liner fit perfectly.

If you would like the pattern, please leave a comment and I will gladly post it. I just dont' want to type it if no one is interested.

Anyway, here's some photos, again in no particular order b/c I can't figure out how to rearrange them:

this is a close up of the pattern, a 4 row repeat and then I added some fuzzy stuff at the top.
the inside, I double lined it so that both sides of the liner were nice, since you can see it thru the knit fabric. I used some satin napkins for the liners. Even added 2 pockets and a zipper that was sewn in between the 2 liner layers!!!
the whole purse, along with the one that inspired it. The strap is recycled from another purse of mine, since the new strap I bought at Michaels didn't match.
ahhhh, the ill-fated shawl. The darker one is the one that ended up too small, even after blocking. The smaller one is the one I'm planning to finish for mom's birthday, hopefully, although since this photo my dear darling daughter pulled it off the needles and I have had to start over. Luckily it is somewhat of a quick knit.
close up of the shawl pattern, I still need to add the border along the 2 sides. I'm planning to give it to my husband's grandmother once its finished, doubtful it will be before Christmas.
this is a closeup of the new shawl for mom, made from Lion Brand Homespun. The pattern is from Lion Brand's website, I think it is called diamond lace shawl. Size 15 needles I think. Much faster than the size 3's I did the other one on!

Anyway, thanks for looking! feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think! :-)

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