Monday, June 16, 2008

Sorry so long!

Sorry it has been so long since I posted! I've heard from a few of you wondering what happened to me LOL. Well, this is why it has been so long:

Our new house!! It looks better now, this was taken about a month ago. we have grass and a flowerbed and stuff now, but I keep forgetting to take photos during the day! Oops. I will soon. Anyway, moving and unpacking has kept me pretty busy.

See what I mean?? This has kept me REALLY busy. This eventually will be my craft room. Although my yarn does not fit, and rather than buy (and put together) ANOTHER bookshelf, I took over the linen closet in the hallway for yarn. The kids sheets can go in their closets and there is a large cabinet in their bathroom for towels. :-)

Yeah, I still have way too many boxes to unpack. I am beginning to seriously worry it won't all fit. What is a knitter/stamper/scrapbooker/cross-stitcher/painter supposed to do with all this stuff?!?! I can't get rid of it, what if I need it for something!?!?! Plus every time I think the kids are playing nicely and I start unpacking, either my daughter flushes a whole roll of toilet paper, at once, in their toilet causing an inch of standing water on the floor (Thank God it is a one story and there is tile!!), or my son takes her doll stroller away which apparently is cause for her to scream bloody murder, or the dog needs to go out which means walking her across the street because dainty princess Rosie won't walk her golden paws on mud. At this rate I will never be unpacked! But at least I have my PC, most of my yarn, and a good amount of my knitting needles. :-) The important things anyway.

So what am I working on? a pair of self-striping socks with a neat little stitch pattern that were going to be for myself but are working up too narrow for my big ole feet. My MIL has narrow feet though, and so does her mom, so MIL said one of them would take them. That makes it easier on me too b/c her feet are shorter than mine and she likes a really short sock, so only have to do about an inch more on the foot, the heel, and will probably go right into the cuff. Easy peasy! I'm also working on a wrap for my mom, being the lovely wonderful daughter that I am she fell in love with a long cabled wrap that a friend had, it is 30:X 80" and has cables all down the length of it, and is made with chenille. I found a nice cheap chenille at Hobby Lobby that is working up nicely, found some great cable patterns in a library book, and will hopefully have it finished for her before I am a grandmother. I should have time, given the fact that my eldest is 4.5 years old. :-)

The other project I'm working on is a very basic toe up pair, stockinette st all the way. I'm taking photos of every step and will VERY soon start posting them here for all to see. I know several people who want to learn how to do 2 toe up socks on 2 circular needles, and since that is my favorite method I thought I'd try to help. Last time I tried to help I had drank 3 glasses of wine, so I don't think I was much help (it was at a knitting retreat. Ever play a knitting drinking game?!?! I have!!) LOL. This time I'm sober, I promise :-) So look for that post probably by tomorrow! At least the cast on and toe, since that is as far as I am on them. I LOVE the yarn though, it is bamboo by Regia? and OMG it is so bright and pretty. Perfect yarn for plain stockinette socks b/c even without a special stitch pattern they will be beautiful.

Last but not least, Happy Father's Day to all dads and men who are like a dad to someone special. This is my wonderful hubby with our two kiddos. They are lucky to have such a great Daddy! don't they look just like him? especially our son. I call them his clone kids :-)

Good night for now!

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Enid said...

House is beautiful and so the kiddos...craft room is comming along and it will be ferfect for exciting! Looking forward for the 2circtutorial.