Wednesday, June 25, 2008

craft room done!

Ahhhhhh my craft room is finally done! The house is coming along great, almost unpacked (oops, found a couple boxes last night with more yarn and stuff in them, shhhhh!) and getting it decorated and homey. I feel so much better now that I can come relax in my craft room!! Anyway, here's some photos I know a lot of you have been asking for! :-)

The front flower garden. It is growing in nicely!

the view from our side yard. There's 2 or 3 houses nearing completion but to our knowledge only one has been sold. So far there's only us and our next door neighbors in the whole sub divison!

Hubby's office. I just had to show this so you can see how different his tastes and mine are! On his other wall he has a bright red shelf, and his desk is white. Very modern. Yuck. :-)

My fireplace. the words are hard to read on the mantle but it says "Family" then I have a willow tree figurine of a mom and daughter on one side and a father and son on the other. The candleholder thing was a hobby lobby find at half off! I love a good sale!

the house, and the grass is finally growing in! Hubby had to actually mow last weekend, he was thrilled. Now if only the back yard would grow in. . .

looking into my craft room. The light in the morning isn't very good b/c the sun rises in the front so it is super bright. I need to get curtains. But you can see my couch with a red throw blanket and pillow. They will be replaced with knit items when I get a chance. I have plans for a lighthouse intarsia pillow and a leftover sock yarn throw.

the corner next to my couch, printer and file cabinet with all my stampin' up! cardstock and 3 drawers (2 are inside the large drawer so they can be locked I guess) I keep all my knitting notions and stamping necessities in the drawers.

my very full shelves. Stampin supplies, scrapbook stuff, more stamping stuff, cross stitch misc, books and magazines galore, stuff to stamp ON, etc. I have a lot of crap LOL.

the view from my couch. Looks out into the kitchen and dining area so when the kids are eating lunch I can be in here and still see them. :-)

My yarn closet. I still have more that was hiding in the garage. Some is charity yarn from Alice, I have the knit picks pallette sampler from my mom for Christmas, and I tried to keep it all separated by weight and stuff. I need to put a lock on it to keep hubby out, he doens't need to see how much yarn I have LOL.

My favorite item in the whole room, my shelf. I painted it and added rub ons to make it pretty. On top from left to right: my decorative birdhouse I made, a willow tree figurine of a pregnant woman I got at my baby shower, my vase with my bamboo needles, my clear glass vase with other misc. needles and balls of yarn for decoration, my mug with crochet hooks and dpns, a stamped little butterfly poem/decoration and my face vase I made in high school.

slightly better shot of the rub-ons, stampin' up ones. Green and white flowers and vines.

my computer desk. You can see the hanks of yarn I got for my readers wrap. I'm loving it. So pretty. reminds me of the carribean or something, blues and greens and purples.

OK, so that's my craft room. so, what have I been working on? Well, I have about 7 or 8 inches (out of EIGHTY!) done on mom's wrap, a bobble pattern that is working up very nicely in yarn bee chenille, I'm to the heel portion of my tutorial socks (more on that later), a few rows away from the heel on a pair that I guess I'm giving to my grandma-in-law, since they don't fit anyone else LOL (I used the wrong needles and they are too small). Good news on those is that Nana doesn't like tall socks, she likes really short ones, so they should be finished very soon. I've got plans for my reader's wrap that I may wait until mom's wrap is done to do, a pair of socks for my son and maybe one for my daughter when I'm done, a crochet toilet paper holder for our master bathroom (I think I need more yarn for it though), a couple baby hats for a lady once she pays me, and then stuff for the craft bazaar that my friend Dawn and I are doing this December. My mom and I have done it the last few years but due to her health she can't so Dawn is joining me. It is going to be FUN!

OK, off to knit while my daughter is napping. If you're ever in the area and want to come hang out and knit in my craft room, give me a holler! :-D


Suna said...

I have deep craft room envy here! I used to have one, but alas, no more. The kids decided they wanted separate bedrooms, and I don't blame them.

The house looks great. You must be having SO much fun.

Corinne P. said...

You are doing a great job on the house! Everything looks nice. I am very happy for you!