Monday, May 5, 2008

Mom stole my socks!

My mom was over yesterday and noticed these:

she said "Ohhhhh, I like those! Actually, I like those better than the ones you made me!" After the 3rd time she said this I asked her if she'd like me to make her a pair. She said "Sure!" I asked her what color and she said "I like that color." I said "Mom, would you just like these when I'm done with them?" Again, she said "Sure!" LOL. She's lucky I love her so much! Ohhhh I love these socks. 100% superwash merino, handpainted. Cable and lace cuffs, stockinette foot with heel flap. I'm going to have to do this pattern again, for myself. I have some self striping yarn from knitpicks that might look good in this, or else I might wait until I dye some of my own (I'm putting in an order for some knit picks bare yarn this week and a couple of my knitting buddies are going to come over for a dye party!) Although I think these socks were really meant for mom anyway because they are a little big for me. If I make the pattern again for myself I'm going to use a size 1 needle instead of the 2's that I used for these. Other than that, the pattern was great! Finished them a few minutes ago, here they are:

now my hubby is like "I thought you were going to make me some socks. Didn't you start them?" You know, for people who never really showed much interest in my knitting, my mom and husband all of a sudden seem to like socks an awful lot! LOL. That's OK though, I enjoy knitting for other people. As long as I get to knit for myself sometimes too! :-D

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Corinne P. said...

I know you just moved and had a LOT going on with that and are probably still unpacking... But, I miss your posts! =) Just thought I'd let you know!