Thursday, February 21, 2008

works in progress/finished objects

Last Friday I took some photos of some projects I was working on. I realized today that they were still on my camera, so I took a few more pictures and finally uploaded them. Here's what I've been working on. As you can tell I'm not happy unless I have multiple projects going. As a matter of fact, I have since cast on an additional pair of socks that are purple lace. Anyway, here's my stuff:

some socks I'm working on. I'm further than this now, I'm about halfway thru the heel flap. Very basic stockinette stitch, anklets. I'm worried they may be a tad small for me though, but we'll see. pretty purply self striping yarn. Wool, unfortunately, but still pretty.

my progress on the "envelope afghan", although I'm about a foot and a half further since this photo was taken. Great easy mindless knitting. I'm doing it in three strips of the tan and 2 of black then will probably do a black single crochet around the whole outside.

this is a baby blanket I did, the colors didn't come out very well in the photo but it is a REALLY REALLY bright orangy/yellow and a blue verigated. The orange was free, a friend of my mom's passed it on to me. Several skeins of this and camo orange, the oranges clashed just enough that I can't really use them with eachother, so I was raiding my stash to find something that might work. Kinda funky colors though. I don't know. I do like the pattern though, it is actually crochet. Very easy, since I can do it ha ha ha.

this is the sweater I started for myself last night. I got the yarn at my LYS, in accordance with my new year's resolution of splurging on yarn for myself sometimes. Scott gasped when I said told him how much I spent, and I said "Yeah, but if I bought a nice sweater at Macy's it would easily cost that, and you're always telling me to buy nicer clothes for myself." he said "I thought the point of making it yourself was to save money?" LOL. He so doesn't understand! Anyway, it is butterfly cotton, very soft and light and georgeous colors. I got 2 different purples and a purple and green verigated.

these next 2 are photos of a pillow I made for some friends, he graduated from MSU and she's a big U of M fan. I had to force myself not to throw up on the MSU side when I was making it LOL. (GO MICHIGAN!!) THey loved it, and spent the whole weekend arguing over which side would be facing out on their couch and which side would be the dog's side. :-)

preemie hats galore. I've made 5 or 6 more since then. I'm having fun making these!!
my 2 faves, the one on the left has a flower on top (idea taken from a child's hat pattern somewhere) and the one on the right is my design with french knots done in oink on the center fair isle squares.

So that's what's on my needles. What's on yours?

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Corinne P. said...

Since you asked... I have a throw on my speed stix in cammo colors for my hubby, a yellow dishcloth with a diamond pattern, a boucle scarf in pretty blues and greens, and a yellow scarf for one of my kids. When the throw is done, I'll cast on another one in beige and red! You can tell I'm a beginner by what's on my needles!