Monday, February 11, 2008

finished socks!

This sock thing is getting addicting! I finished my 3rd pair today and have plans, yarn and needles for at least 4 more pair. Now I have to choose which pair are going to be cast on first. Will it be the purple lace, the pink beaded, the plain stockinette with the self striping yarn, or the manually striped yarn in any 2 colors from knit picks pallette sampler? hmmmm, decisions, decisions.

here they are on my foot. Sorry, funky view but I was taking it myself. Mock cable ribbing. The only thing about them is that the selvege purl stitches don't quite line up since it was a dpn pattern that I converted to a 2 at a time on 2 circ pattern, but I doubt anyone but myself will notice.

side view. Just above the heel flap you can't see it but I actually started a different heel flap. The actual pattern called for you to slip stitches on each side, so that every stitch was slipped at least once. To me it made it too tight to knit comfortably and I wasn't thrilled with how it looked, but I had already done like 5 rows. Rather than attempting to tink that back, I just started from there with the heel flap I know, where you slip every other stitch on the front and purl them all on the back. But again, it is a mistake few would notice. I tend to hold myself to a higher standard than others expect from me :-)

Close up of the eyelet/mock cable ribbing and toes. I like kitchner stitch a lot. I know it is not popular among most knitters, but I find it very methodical and soothing, and over all I think it looks the best. I considered carrying the pattern thru the toe decreases but I was worried the ribbing would cause it to bunch in the toe, so I stuck to the pattern (GASP!) and did it just stockinette. Hopefully I don't wear holes in the bottoms of these. Oh, didn't I mention that on here? Yeah, my 2nd pair, the green ones that I was so thrilled with, have worn holes in the bottoms. I wear them around the house without slippers, and I guess walking on the carpet is not good for cascade 220 superwash wool. Good thing to know, preferably BEFORE you knit the socks. I was able to save them and put some duplicate stitches over the holes, but it isn't pretty. Oh well. now I know so I will be more careful. Darn it, I meant to buy slippers today at target!!

Anyway, back to my lovely orange socks. Orange is not a color I wear, well, ever. Although of course I say that and look down at my shirt to see a large orange flower on it, but that's the only article of clothing I own with orange on it, I swear! But this yarn was just sitting in my stash looking pretty and already balled on my ball winder, label long gone, so I had to do something with it. I love how the handpainted yarn looks, with subtle color variations. Now that I've seen a project made with handpainted yarn, I'm going to have to get more (or even, dare I say, dye my own!). too fun!

I've also been hard at work on preemie hats, and after I finish this post I'm going to do another post, yes 5 minutes from now, with a new preemie hat pattern I designed. :-) Enjoy!

Then after that I'm going to finish a project for some friends. Gasp, 2 projects (well, 3 counting the hat) done in one day?!?! What is happening to me?!?! LOL. Happy knitting!

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