Saturday, November 15, 2008

Knit picnic items

Hello all!! Long time, no update as usual. Sorry! Life just gets in the way. My mom had a kidney transplant last week, she is doing GREAT. She may come home this weekend after less than a week in the hospital! Me and the baby are doing well too, I'm to the point where I can't see my toes anymore LOL. I'm 15 weeks along and we have a sonogram in a couple days, I'm crossing my fingers that the baby will cooperate so that we can maybe find out if it is a boy or girl. It is a bit early but they may still be able to tell. :-)

I had wanted to get a pair or two of socks done for mom before her surgery but I can't focus on anything lately. I have been able to make these baskets up for the bazaar, they are all really quick easy projects. I found some patterns online but modified them so that I wasn't violating anyone's copyrights or anything. Not that I'm gonna become rich selling these or anything, I only made up 4 baskets, but I don't want the knitting police to get me :-D Do you think these baskets have enough in them? I'm thinking of selling them for $10 each.

Turkey and cheese sandwiches with tomatoes, chocolate chip cookies and strawberries

Peanut butter and jelly

Basket with stuff in it

I'm also trying to make up a basket with lots of cookies and some holiday fabric lining it, like a basket of cookies for Santa. These are a couple I've come up with. The frosted one has sequins on it so they look like sprinkles. I think I have red and green too, so I'll make up some with different frosting. These are crocheted, using the basic circle pattern I always use and then decorating differently. The frosting is one round smaller than the cookie, the chocolate chip cookie is 2 circles sewn (chips put on before sewing, just french knots ) together, and the fudge striped one is one cookie colored circle and one fudge colored circle. Easy peasy.

I think I'm just about ready for the bazaar. Have some stuff left from last year that I need to fix up (replace the chocolates etc.) and make a few more cookies, but for the most part I think I'm good to go. Yay! Dawn has a ton of stuff too. It should be a lot of fun this year!
Hugs to all!

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Suna said...

That is such good news about your mom, and that the baby is doing well.

Also $10 seems fine for those cute baskets, but then, I know nothing about bazaar pricing.