Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas socks!

I finished mom's socks just in time for Christmas!! And I do mean just in time, I was adding the trim on the last sock 3 hours before my family arrived at our house! :-) These socks took me FOREVER. I think b/c I did stockinette, which I thought would go faster but it got boring. I finished them on our trip to Missouri, and I called mom to see how high she likes to wear her socks. She said ankle, thank goodness, while my hubby was in the background yelling "Say knee high, say knee high!!" @@. Anyway, I made them anklets and bound them off using a new method where the round before bind off you add extra stitches to make it stretchy. I added a new stitch every 4 sts, but I guess either that was too many or I bind off too loosely or something b/c they ruffeled at the edges. So, I fixed that by adding a crocheted ruffeled edge. The socks were funky to begin with, so this just made them extra fun. :-) they're not for her to wear to like work or anything, probably just game days but I thought they were cute. I have to call her in a bit and make sure she tried them on, she didn't try them on here. I think she liked them though, I hope. :-)
I had a wonderful Christmas, my hubby spoiled me. I got a lot of great knitting loot, and I didn't even have to ask for it. I guess I talk about knitting a lot, and even though he may look like he's not listening, apparently he is :-) I got a digital scale for sock yarn (YAY! No more having to wind it into a ball and then wind it again until the 2 balls are the same!), 101 luxury yarn one skein wonders, (which I had mentioned a couple times when it came out and he knew I had the others), the new knit picks 10" harmony straight needles (I did ask for these), the zippered knit picks binder for circ needles, the sock wizard software, and some new sock yarn, felicity yarn in a really pretty colorway from knitpicks (he knew I had bought that line before and he even called them to check and make sure I didn't have that particular color! What a guy!) He also got me some great bath and body works stuff and a ring. Wow.
My daughter got a barbie house for Christmas, and I'm a bit quirky when it comes to dolls. I have been since I was a kid. The bed that came with the house is all plastic and is molded to lookl ike there is a blanket and pillow but there isn't one. So being the nice Momma I am, I'm using my lovely new needles to knit her a little blanket for it. :-) I'll probably make a pillow too. Yes, I'm weird I know. My hubby still thinks the dollhouse is more for me than her, especially when he heard me tell her "No Meg, the couch doesn't go there, it goes here!" LOL.
We did find out that our new little one is a girl, so I'm going to be knitting some new pink stuff. Yayyy! I found a couple really cute patterns in that new book, including a lace crocheted hat that looks challenging but I'm gonna try it.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!

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Suna said...

The socks look very cute and you should be proud of how well you did that ruffle!! Happy to learn I can make pink baby things! Fiona Fiona Fiona.