Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm still here!

I promise! Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I hit the 12 week mark yesterday, had my 5th sonogram and my appointment with my perinatologist, who I LOVE. He is great. I had tried seeing another one because my old one was further away, but we really weren't happy with the new one so we went back to Dr. B. He's fabulous, very confident, very competent, and if it werent' for him our beautiful 2 year old wouldn't be here so we trust him a lot. I'm having a procedure done on Friday to [hopefully] keep baby "Grimlock" (named by my 5 year old who loves Transformers) safe and happy until he/she is fully cooked. After my procedure I have to be on "reduced activity" for a couple of weeks (he said act like you have the flu) so hopefully I will have some time to knit! I have seriously barely knit ANYTHING the last few weeks. I'm just too tired and too braindead most of the time to do anything. I started a really simple pair of socks about 3+ weeks ago and am 3 inches or so into them. YIKES! I'm also working on stuff for the bazaar that Dawn and I are doing, I'm making mini picnic baskets and fruit baskets that will be really cute, with knit sandwiches, crochet cookies and various fruits etc. Very cute. I even found some gingham fabric that looks like a picnic blanket that I'm going to use to line the baskets. I will make sure to take photos when I'm done. I found a lot of different patterns online but I'm changing a lot of them to make sure I don't violate any copyright laws etc. Although I really don't understand why designers care if you make up a few items and sell them at a craft show. I can understand I guess why they wouldn't want you selling a ton on like etsy or something, or certainly why they wouldn't want you selling the pattern, but if you're just selling a few things that you made, and you give them credit, why would it be a problem? Any patterns I create, if you make them you're welcome to sell the finished product. Just not the pattern :-) But anyway, it should be a lot of fun. A new Hobby Lobby opened by me, plus there's another one not to far away. I used to be a Michaels person because it was closer, but now that there's 2 hobby lobbys nearby I may switch alliances LOL. Hobby Lobby has a lot more yarn plus they have stuff like fabric and things. They usually have really good prices too. Dawn and I met there one day last week and had a ton of fun browsing. They have nice home decor stuff too, and holiday decorations. Ohhhhh I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas!! I did find when I unpacked the halloween stuff my 2 knit pumpkins. I made them on the loom thing, I think it is called the knifty knitter or something? its been a while since I used it. The kids like to throw them around LOL.

Well, kiddos need me and I have some knit sandwhiches I hope to finish today, so I'm signing off. Pictures to come soon, I promise! Hugs!

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