Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still here, still knitting!

I know, everytime I post here, I say I'm going to be better about posting, and then I go months without a word.  Terrible blogger I am, huh?  Oh well.  Life happens, kids take up a lot of my time and energy (as I type, my 20 month old is climbing in and out of my lap!) and my blog gets pushed down on my priority list.  Sorry about that.

I have been busy knitting.  One of the few good things about living in a place that gets snow again is that hand knit items really come in handy!  I've made hats for several of my friends and relatives, scarves, blankets, and today I finished a sweater!  This one was SOOOO quick too, I highly reccomend it for anyone who wants the beauty of a hand knit sweater without the long committment of one.  I finished this sweater in under a week!  It is the "Iced" cardigan from, knit in Berroco Vintage bulky.  The yarn actually felt closer to worsted, so on the big needles (size 11) it has a very nice drape.  It is a top down raglan too, so no seaming!  And though I don't reccomend this, I will confess that I didn't do a gauge swatch.  I never do.  I hate swatching.  It's not a big deal with socks because I know that on size 1s, anywhere from 60-66 sts with fingering weight yarn will usually work with my foot size.  If the pattern has more or less stitches, I go up or down a needle size accordingly.  Scarves and blankets etc, gauge isn't that important.  With sweaters though it is a different story, so I'm lucky that my gauge is pretty consistant with the norm :-) 

Anyway, without further ado, I give you "Iced".  Great name considering the weather!

Crappy pics, I know, but I didn't feel like getting out the camera and the cord and all that.  Much easier to just email them directly from my phone.  I love technology!  And can you believe, the sweater is NOT purple?!?  It is a nice denim color.  It is soooo soft, a mix of acrylic, wool and nylon, and will be great for snuggling in while watching TV in the evenings.  I wouldn't even mind making another one of these down the road. 

OK that's all the time I have for blogging this evening.  I have a sick child to attend to and kids to tuck in.  Happy knitting!

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