Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The granny squares are taking over!

I consider myself a knitter.  I've always said I'm not that good at crochet.  Well, I have recently discovered that you don't HAVE to be very good at it to make really cute things.  I picked up a copy of last month's Knit Simple and there were a few different granny square blankets in there.  I thought, hmmmm, that doesn't look too hard.  I decided to give it a try.  WOW.  That started a whole new granny square frenzy that I don't appear to be able to end.  These things are fun.  And addicting.  

As I mentioned in my last post, I gave up FB games for Lent and have been working on charity knitting instead.  I started with the granny square pattern, then I found a rectangle pattern on ravelry and gave that a try.  Last night at "Monday Night Fibers" (the name that someone came up with for our wonderful knitting/spinning group at Dawns) Dawn showed me how to make a circle blanket out of double crochet.  So easy that I finished it in one night!  I have a bunch of yarn from Dawn that I'm going to try to get thru by next Wednesday, which is the last knitting night I'll be able to attend before I leave :-(  It is also a going away party for me.  I have such sweet friends!!

In addition to all the preemie blankets, I'm also working on 2 afghans for myself, one out of worsted weight and one out of homespun.  The homespun one is made of 6 giant granny squares (I'm almost done with the 3rd one already) and the worsted one is one giant rectangle made from a few various yarns in teals and turquoises.  OMG nothing purple, can you believe it?!?  I'm shocked, myself!  LOL. 

I feel bad that I'm crocheting so much though.  Almost guilty.  I feel like I'm cheating on my knitting.  I can almost hear it, from the bottom of my UFO pile crying softly "she doesn't love me anymore".  I do, I do, I swear I do!  In fact, I found time to do 4 more rows on my lace stole today.  Yes, I know, 4 rows isn't much, but at least I'm trying!  I was hoping to get the stole done and blocked before we leave for MI so I can use it when we get there, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.  I thought about bringing it in the car, but I have to look down to do the decreases (VDD I can't do without looking at it) and that makes me carsick.  SO, I think I will bring my unfinished U of M socks (perfect, considering the destination!) and my mini mochi socks.  I packed most of my sock yarn already but I think I have another set I can bring with me in case I manage to finish both those pairs.  Hey, stop laughing!  It could happen.  :-)  Anyway, worse comes to worse I'm sure I can find a neat LYS to stop at on the way! 

Here's pics of some of the preemie blankets.  Dawn was nice enough to email them to me since I forgot to take photos before I gave them to her. 


River Glorious said...

There *does* seem to be a granny square frenzy going on... and your contributions are lovely. :)

Ambar in Puerto Rico

Suna said...

I was afraid you were giving up on this blog! Whew! Funny we both posted about granny squares at about the same time!