Saturday, July 5, 2008

tutorial socks finished! with a catch. . .

and the catch is, they aren't MY tutorial socks! My pair still aren't done, but Brenda finished hers! I think she deserves a prize for finishing before the teacher! And they look GREAT!

According to her blog,, she used some stash yarn from an etsy seller, the plucky knitter. She added ribbing too. Great job Brenda!

In other knitting news. . . not much happening LOL. I have too many projects going at once (who, me?? GASP! No way! Not ME!) and can't seem to make much headway on any of them. I have about 1/8 of mom's stole done, hoping to have it finished before her surgery sometime next month (Kidney transplant for those of you who don't know). My friend Suna helped me rip back my MILs socks b/c I didn't make the foot long enough and didn't know it until after I had done the heels and started the cuffs. Suna's a champ though, she managed to rip them all back and put them back on the tiny ass size 0 needles without dropping a single stitch or anything! THANK YOU AGAIN!!! :-) Just a few more rows on the foot for those then to re-start the heel. She wants short socks so they should be a quick finish. Then I started socks for my son because I'm not happy unless I'm making 800 things at once. I'm also working on some baby blankets and hats for a lady online who is buying them from me. I finished both blankets, 4 hats to go. Plus my tutorial socks. So, yeah, just a few projects. Oh yeah, also my daughter's envelope afghan, which used to be my car knitting but has been pushed aside for mom's stole. However, I'll need mom's stole before Meg's blanket (we're getting her a big girl bed in September and the blanket is for that) so it's OK.

I just now re-read the paragraph I just wrote. What the hell am I doing on the computer when I have all that knitting to work on?!?! Hubby has the kids outside, it is the perfect opportunity to get some stuff knit but here I sit. Well, not for long my friends. I'm off to try to finish,. . . something! :-)


Suna said...

Hey, you are welcome for the sock ripping. I learned that skill through necessity--I erase a lot of knitting, but I think it's educational.

I will stop reading blogs and knit all the things I am obliged to work on, myself. Nothing for me.

Brenda said...

it sounds like we have to same knitting problem...too many projects going :)